Mini CC: 1979 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country – Super Deluxe Volaspen

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During Pinto Day, I mentioned that Motor Max, the company that makes the mini-1974 Pinto (Mini CC here) also made 1/24-scale Vegas, Mavericks and LeBaron Town & Countrys, among other ’70s models. Well, thanks to Mopar Week, it is now time to share my mini-T&C with you all!

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The LeBaron was the fancier version of the F-Body Volaré and Aspen–much like the Granada was to the Maverick over at Ford. Dodge also got a version, the Diplomat, but the Chrysler was the plushest, with its “upside-down” headlights and faux-timbered flanks. The LeBaron sedan and coupe debuted in mid-’77, but the wagon came a year later, replacing the gigantic C-body T&C that exited the scene after the 1977 model year.

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Upon first hearing of the mini-T&C, I began scouring the local stores hoping to find one. I did run across a reddish-brown one at a Walgreens, but it had a silly “American Graffiti” logo on it (American Graffiti? On a 1979 LeBaron? What?!).

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Eventually I located this nice blue one. A couple of months later they were on the discount aisle, so I picked up a second one for five bucks. That one is still in the closet, in its original box; this one is the “display” model, and usually sits on top of my refrigerator. The exterior details are quite well-done, although the license plates and hood ornament are a bit too big for the scale.

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The interior is accurate enough, though there isn’t much detail painting. Since I have two of these, I have been thinking about taking this one apart and giving it a white interior with blue carpet and dash. And of course, plenty of dark brown paint to simulate the fake wood that should be on the instrument panel and steering wheel!

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And yes, it even has the little “Unleaded Fuel Only” label above the fuel filler. Now, if they would just release a matching ’89 Fifth Avenue…

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