Mopar Week Mini-Break – For Carmine, Who’s Been So Patient

6-15-2013 235 (800x533)

Yes, Mopar week is nearly over, but I realize that some of our regulars may want a little break. So how about this nice Caddy coupe I spotted across the street while shooting a future CC?

Just another old Coupe de Ville, right? Well, not exactly. For this one just happens to be a much less common Calais coupe, which replaced the Series 62 starting in 1965. Just 5,600 Calais hardtop coupes were made, compared to 65,755 plusher Coupe de Villes.

1969 Cadillac-21 (800x564)

I know we’re going to have to have Cadillac Day or Cadillac Week sometime, as I’ve shot many, many Caddys that have yet to be displayed digitally here on CC. And just yesterday, returning from the big car show in Monmouth, I spotted a pristine 1987-88 Cimarron. No photo, sadly, as it was getting dark and it was doing 50 mph going the other way. Stop laughing, I like those cars! I’d really, really like to find one for CC. And a ’66 Eldo convertible…and a ’59 or ’60 Sixty Special…I can go on…

6-15-2013 236 (800x533)