Mini CC: Peugeot 404 Familiale by Eligor- You Too Can Enjoy The Legendary 404, For A Fraction Of The Cost!

Peugeot 404

Diecast car collecting is addictive.  Go ahead, type “diecast and toy vehicles” into your ebay search; you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Doing exactly that is how I’ve ended up with around 350 toy cars- and that’s absolutely nothing compared to some diecast collectors. Anyway, when I saw CC was having a Peugeot Fest, I knew that there had to be some Mini CCs I could show off. Here’s one of them; a Peugeot 404 Break by Eligor, a French company, in (approximately) 1/43 scale. 

Peugeot 404 2

Eligor is a minnow compared to most diecast companies. We all know the names of the big ones; Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Majorette, Corgi, Dinky,  Johnny Lightning, and so on. These brands focus more on the toy side of diecast . There are also brands that focus on detailed models; AutoArt, Norev,  M2, Greenlight, Minichamps, etc. Most Eligor models fall somewhere in the middle of this scale. They have ample detail, separate light, grille, and bumper pieces, rubber wheels, and a few opening parts, unlike the toy companies. However, Eligor diecasts lack chrome trim pieces,  have an unpainted interior, no moving suspension, and whatnot, unlike the model companies.

Peugeot 404 3

By now, the Peugeot 404 has been well covered here on CC, so I’ll spare you my rambling. However, this Eligor covers the 404’s details very well. From the side profile, all proportions are correct. The wheels and hubcaps are accurate to the 404, but not to degree of some models of the 404.

peugeot 404 4

Eligor also modeled the front of the car nicely. The very French yellow headlights are separate “jeweled” pieces, and the grille and bumpers are separate. It’s hard to see, but the “404” badge on the front of the hood is molded into the metal. The Peugeot badge and egg -crate grille are also molded nicely.

peugeot 404 5

Here’s another side profile view. The door handles and side trim are molded into the side, and quite well. Needless to say, the 404 had ample cargo space, especially when compared to the sedan.

peugeot 404 6

Here’s the rear view. The taillights are well detailed and painted in, and there’s a great representation of the French license plate- this model has them front and rear. You may notice that this Break is lacking it’s trunk- that’s not a major screw up on Eligor’s part. Normally, this diecast would have a very well detailed moving tailgate. However, this model was found used, and the tailgate was MIA when I got it. Maybe I’ll find a replacement someday.

peugeot 404 7

While I was taking these pictures outside, I couldn’t resist tacking the 404 into the woods for some action shots. Here’s an intense tree climbing shot.

peugeot 404 8

Of course, what goes up must come down, so the 404 turned around and made a rapid descent before gravity took it’s course.

Peugeot 404

Here’s the header shot again; the 404 fording a creek. While this isn’t the most detailed model I own, or the one with the most features, or the one in the best condition, I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. Peugeot fest isn’t over yet; tune in for more mini and full size CCs!

Paul’s 404 Sedan In 1/18 Scale By Norev