The Amazing Miniature Streets Of Ken Rouet

Miniatures 2

(click images for larger size)

These images were left the other day at an older 1978 Toronado CC in the comments section. The name given was “rouet ken”. I left a reply and sent him an e-mail telling him that I would like to create a post with them, but never heard back. But since he already posted them in the comments, I assume he’d welcome a wider audience. So let’s take a ride through Mini-eapolis. 

Miniatures 1

Miniatures 3

Miniatures 4

Miniatures 5

Miniatures 6

Miniatures 7

Miniatures 8 scenicruiser


Miniatures 9 looking down

Miniatures 10 low

Miniatures 11 Marauder

Miniatures 12 buick lesabre

Miniatures 13 tunnel

Miniatures 14 bus

Miniatures 15 parking lot

Miniatures 16 looking down2

Miniatures 17 nice

Miniatures 18 old stude

Miniatures 19 street low

Miniatures 20 parkings

Miniatures 60 ford

Pretty amazing. Congratulations, Sr. Rouet. And thanks for sharing them with us.