MM: Which Cutlass Will Grace Your Driveway?

We finished what we set out to do, to document the rise and fall of the Cutlass. Well, there is of course still a postscript or two to the Cutlass story, but it looks like someone else will get to tell that sad tale. So now that we’ve covered twelve RWD Cutlasses, which specific one would grace your driveway if you could step into the time machine and be handed a blank pre-paid Oldsmobile order form?

This rather uncommon 1970 Rallye 350 (curious spelling) is something you’d probably never encounter on the street again. But not quite the thing for me.

I’m a sucker for the early ones, and that aluminum V8. How about a white ’62 coupe, with the 185 hp four barrel version and the four speed stick. And manual steering too.

But then a 1964 4-4-2 four-door sedan with red-wall tires has a certain pull too, due to its extreme rarity. Or perhaps…Never mind; your turn.