Mobility Day Finale: Kenguru – An Innovative Mobility EV

Kenguru 1

Jason and Ed’s posts about specialized mobility vehicles reminded me of an article I read in the NYT recently about this very slick solution: a compact, one-person EV with a very low rear floor height to allow easy access for a solo wheelchair-bound driver. It’ s called Kenguru (website), and I’m almost surprised it hasn’t been done before.

Kenguru 4

It’s so short that it can readily be parked perpendicular against a city curb for direct entry;  a version with a lowering ramp is in development.

Kenguru 2

The motorcycle-type controls fall readily to hand.

Kenguru 3

The Kenguru obviously isn’t highway capable, as its classified as a NEV (neighborhood EV) with speed limited to 25 mph. But for a lot of wheel-chair bound folks, this might well be a very attractive solution for in-town mobility and greater independence.  Production is scheduled to begin this summer, for about $25,000. Van type conversions like the Entervan can run to $80k or more.

NYT article