Monteverdi Sierra – The Plymouth Volare Gets Some Italian Tailoring

Monteverdi Sierra 0102e

Looks a bit like a BMW 3.0/Bavaria or Fiat 130, eh? Under that re-tailored Italian suit by Carrozzeria Fissore is a…Plymouth Volare. After Swiss Peter Monteverdi’s attempts to build powerful luxury coupes powered by big Chrysler engines in the late 60s just didn’t pan out, he turned to modifying more prosaic ones. The first was the Sahara, a tricked-out IH Scout. The second was this Sierra, cleverly re-styled by Fissore too.

Monteverdi sierra-03

The Sierra used the Chrysler 318 (5.2 L) V8 and Torqueflite automatic. Interiors were upgraded to Italian standards, with tastefull classic round gauges set in the Volare’s dash. The front headlight assemblies came from a Fiat 125, and the tail lights from a Renault 12. A wagon and convertible version were prototyped, but not built in production. As it is, only some twenty Sierras were built, so don’t expect to find one curbside anytime soon.

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