More Details on The CC Meet-Up in Auburn and Baltimore

Bromo Seltzer towerBaltimore’s famous Bromo Setzer tower

Organizing social events is not one of my strengths, but here’s what seems to be the plan for the CC Meet-ups in Auburn, Indiana and the Baltimore area:

Please keep in mind these are not highly-structured events. In Auburn (Sat. October 4), it appears that some of us (me included) will do  the National Auto and Truck Museum at around 10AM or so. Those that want to start seeing the museum as a group at 10, let’s plan to meet in the lobby at around that time. But if you’re coming in later, I’m sure we won’t be hard to find. Presumably, we’ll try to finish around noon or so, and go get some lunch. Where? Don’t know yet. But if you’re coming in at lunch time, and want to find us, we could give out some phone numbers or such.

I’ll suggest we start at the the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum at 1:30. Again, look for us in the lobby/entrance, or the wild, raucous group touching all the cars, if you’re late. We’re going to have to find a place to socialize and have dinner, but again, that’s unplanned as of yet. If we knew how many were coming, we could consider reserving something appropriate.

I know a number of us are staying over Saturday night (the Quality Inn, for some), and perhaps heading off to other museums or locales in the morning.

Baltimore (Saturday 9/27): Someone threw out the suggestion of White Marsh Mall, which is just of I-95 a bit northeast of the city. Fells Point would be more colorful, but parking can be problematic. And this would allow folks to drive and park their cars in a group. I’m happy to spend Saturday afternoon hanging out there, and if folks want to roll that over into dinner, there or elsewhere, I’m up for that. But someone’s going to have to suggest a particular location, as it’s a huge place and I’ve never been there.

These events are very informal, and yes, bring family members/SOs if you want, as long as they’re car-talk tolerant. That’s about as much as I know right now, but if more details develop, we’ll keep you updated.