Moving Target: Look, A Running Sterling!

Lately, John Deere Road has been a good place to find Curbside Classics. Just 24 hours after I saw the ’67 Impala SS, I saw another CC—and at the very same intersection! This one might well be even scarcer than the Chevy, though.

You might recall that the Sterling was the last effort made by MG-Rover to market the Rover marque in the U.S. Basically an Acura Legend fitted out with a clubby, British wood-and-leather interior, it also provided its owner with an assortment of Britain’s finest electrical problems. Sold in the States between 1987-1991 (full CC here), the Sterling’s many maladies had forcibly retired most of them by the mid-’90s.

With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I came upon this still-running Sterling 827 SL that actually looks quite tidy. As surprising as it may seem, there’s also a second Sterling in the area, this one in white, that I occasionally see on the streets of East Moline. Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.