Camp Side Classics: Camping with Creepy Classics

A family camping trip was the last place I expected to come across a car collection. I was skeptical when my wife suggested we camp at Creepy Hollow but it turned out to be fantastic family experience. The camp side classics were a much appreciated surprise..

The highlight of the collection for me was this 1950s Cadillac hearse. The hearse makes some sense since the campground has a haunted house theme.

Up front was a headless skeleton.

In the back maybe a zombie or Frankenstein’s monster?

The Cadillac wreath is replaced with a skull.

Later Buick rims work well on the car. This is the better side as the rear fender was missing in action on the passenger side. Hopefully the owner has it somewhere as I cannot imagine they are easy to source.

This 1976 GMC Vandura provides them some advertising. These earlier vans with this style of grill are getting to be rare sights.

I bet this rolling billboard is quite effective at grabbing eyeballs.

A 1952 Chevrolet panel delivery truck was tooling around the campground at various times over the weekend. The inline six sounded super smooth.

The interior appeared very original with a few additions.

The panel truck appears to have the heavy duty axles.

The owner told me she and her husband met at a car show many moons ago. I believe this was one of the cars present then although not in its current paint scheme. According to the hood decals, a 440cid big block powers this large coupe.

Another Cadillac hearse but this time a later Seventies model with flames.

A rear shot of the hearse. I do not think I have seen that bumper before. The campground’s haunted house is partially visible in the background.

I believe a late Seventies vintage 4×4 Chevrolet Blazer.

Dodge Lil’ Red Express pickup truck.

Dodge Ram Charger. The owner told me she preferred this one over the Chevrolet Blazer.

The Ram Charger sports a Zombie Patrol theme.

The oldest car present was this Dodge Special Deluxe with a missing bumper and some aftermarket hubcaps (with skulls in the center).

A 1968 Dodge Charger is perhaps the most valuable car in the collection even in this unrestored state. The grill has an odd wave to it.

Plenty of patina on this one!

The Charger would have had a vinyl roof at some point. It sports a mixed set of wheels with Challenger rims on the back and steelies on the front. Another view of the haunted house behind. Although still under construction the haunted house was open.

The campground its self is quite interesting as well. The owners used to run a haunted house in a nearby town but moved out to a farm site for the additional space.

Many other interesting buildings are scattered around the property as well as a miniature railway.

Inside the haunted house is chock-full of interesting bits and pieces.


Set in the prairie Creepy Hollow is located near Warner, Alberta. It was a very present surprise with super friendly owners, interesting buildings and a car collection.

This Eighties Lincoln stands guard at the exit.