Cohort Outtake: 1972 Ford Galaxie 500 “Top-Loader” – I’ve Finally Find The Perfect Car To Replace My Car and Truck

I’ve been hankering for a vintage car for some time, and you all know how I feel about ’71-’72 big Fords. But I’ve got too many vehicles already; five, at the moment. Well, the Acura is Stephanie’s, and the Chinook will go away once the van is converted (which may be quite a while yet). My main drivers are my xB and the F-100, and I’m constantly pondering how I can combine their functions into one vehicle, so as to make room for a classic car. Well, how about having my cake and eating it too?

How perfect is this, and a ’72 Ford, no less. As most of you know, I have something of an obsession with ’71-’72 big Fords, and I came mighty close to pulling the trigger on a cream puff ’72 LTD a couple of years back. But I just couldn’t justify adding another car to the fleet. If only I’d thought of this back then; how perfect it would be to go to the dump in air-conditioned comfort, sitting on those brocade seats.

Of course loading it would be a bit of a challenge, especially from a guy who rails at the high load floors on new pickups. Well, this isn’t really much higher than the typical jacked-up 4×4 pickup these days. Just get a little folding stairway to attach to the back.

And then there’s the issue of dumping. Hmm. Some kind of tipping mechanism ought not to be too hard to figure out. Or maybe a conveyor belt of some sort.

I’m pretty speechless about this one, which was posted at the Cohort by Bernardino Shin, who said “found this in rather Eugene-like Silver Lake, CA”. He must have been reading my mind.

There’s one minor thing about this Ford that intrigues me, in addition to its mighty roof rack. Its wheels have ventilation holes, which for some reason make me think this might be a Mexican Ford. I seem to remember them having vented wheels. Or am I too dazed by this apparition?