CC Lane Motor Museum Basement Outtake: Tatra T-613 Ambulance – The Gurney Sits Directly Above The Rear Air-Cooled V8

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The Lane Motor Museum has the largest collection of Tatras (although sadly no T-77), and I promise a good look at them as soon as I can find a few free hours. But down in the bowels of the basement, we spotted this T-613 Ambulance, from the 1980s. Given that the 613 has a rear-mounted 3.5 liter air-cooled V8, a rear-loading ambulance might not seem like the best task for this chassis. But then, it was the only chassis available at the time that could also be fast too, so the body was made tall, and the gurney rests right up over the engine. At least the patient can be distracted by the blower howl and other mechanical noise of the engine on the way to the hospital.

tatra t-613 ambulance_1980_web1_10b6c0a68014165ddf24c67352f3b423

I couldn’t get a shot of it from the side, so this one is from Lane’s very comprehensive web site. The gurney rolls in from the rear hatch, and there’s a seat alongside it accessible from the side door.

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Supposedly, its top speed is 100 mph. And this is one of just 14 made. I’ve always wanted a ride in a Tatra, but I’m not sorry to have missed one in this.

Jason Shafer encountered a T-613 sedan on the street in Memphis, TN, and his write-up can be found here.