CC Vinyl: Father Tom Vaughn – ‘Motor City Soul’

Another record fair find, and another new artist for me. Father Tom Vaughn, a genuine man of the cloth and a genuine jazz pianist. And that looks like a genuine C1 Corvette.

Between 1964 and 1976, Vaughn released a number of albums and he managed to supplement these with live and broadcast performances. Father Tom had an easy facility with the keyboard, and could lose himself practicing for hours on end. But he had a higher calling, and one that did not come as easily; which is why he devoted himself firstly to his pastoral duties.

His style seems to be in the vein of the Modern Jazz Quartet, but of course I’ll defer to the opinion of ears more informed. If you want to get a sense of the man, the LA Times ran a profile back in 1991, linked here.

So enjoy the title track to Father Tom Vaughn’s 1968 album as you ponder the model year on the Corvette.

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