CC Outtake: 1987 BMW 325Is – Felix the Catmobile

Now this is something a bit off the beaten path, even for Eugene. A jacked-up, big-wheeled BMW 325Is. And no, it’s not AWD. Has the SUV fad gone a bit too far?



It certainly has plenty of ground clearance.

Shell buckets to keep one well in place over wildest terrain.

And a brush bar in front.

Yes, there was an AWD 325Ix, but this ain’t it. Just to be sure, I looked behind the front wheel for the tell-tale sign of a drive shaft: nada.


The front fender has been cut out for more clearance. And Felix the Cat is ready to provide a bit of motivation.


And now for the kicker: as I was shooting this Felix the Cat Bimmer, a woman walked by behind it wearing a…black kitty cat hat. Seriously.

The shot was fuzzy to start with, so this crop is pretty bad, but the black cat ears are there. What can I say? Meow!