“My” 1972 Ford LTD Is For Sale, Really

CC 217 121 1200

I got it all wrong; so much for trying to think you know your wife after 36 years. I assumed Stephanie would be thrilled with this 1972 LTD, given its fine green brocade cloth upholstery and soft ride. I ran in the house breathlessly, and called out for her to come check out her new ride, to replace her incontinent Forester. I guess she was thinking I’d brought home a new MINI Countryman or Volvo C30 or something like that, because when she came outside…well, let’s just say the LTD needs to go to a home that will truly appreciate its many virtues, even if its green brocade seats aren’t heated.

CC 217 110 1200

OK; enough with the leg-pulling. No, I never really bought this living time capsule. And those of you that have been around for a while know to be on guard for that. It wasn’t actually for sale then, but now it really is. There’s a (perverse) side of me that is quite tempted, but I guess I’m just not quite perverse enough. Well, that and the fact that I don’t have a place to store this baby, which needs and deserves a nice big garage.

CC 217 116 1200

If and when I buy myself a CC toy, it’s going to have to provide a bit more driving pleasure on our winding mountainous highways and gravel forest roads, as I’m not too big on tooling on the straight and flat roads of the valley on weekends. But since Jerry was so accommodating in my ruse, and this is such a fine car, I offered to let our large audience around the world know about this rare opportunity. How many other ’72 LTDs in such shape are left in the world?

CC 217 129 1200

Jerry’s asking $4500. I’m in no position to comment on that price, as I’m totally out of the loop on vintage car prices. But if you’re interested, head for the ad (here), and send him an e-mail. And we’ll follow up when Jerry sells it. Watch it end up in Sweden!

CC 217 125 1200

1972 LTD craigslist ad          My write-up on this gem is here, but don’t take everything in it quite literally