Mystery Concept Car: Can Anyone Identify It?

Mystery car french 1200

A reader just sent me this picture, asking if I could identify it. He was told it may be a 1940’s Peugeot concept. Well, I don’t recognize it. There were a lot of one-off cars built in Europe, reflecting the coach-building tradition. Designers and coach builders would team up, and create a car to show at the salons and shows, hoping to attract a few takers.

It could be a Peugeot, but they weren’t exactly common subjects for one-offs. And most of their post-war cars were unibodies, which made coach-built bodies more difficult. In France, more commonly, small premium makes like Delahaye and Delage were used as the basis of one-offs. It’s also a bit hard to get a sense of the size of this car. Can anyone out there give us a positive identification? If not, it’s a nice car to look at anyway.