Zombie “New” Cars Sold in 2022: Dodge Darts, Viper, & Journeys, Chrysler 200, VW CC, And…A Suzuki XL7

can I interest you in a “new” Dodge Dart?

Given the fact that dealers have to pay interest on their “floor plan” loans, it seems a bit odd that some would allow cars up to a decade (or older) to sit on their back lots gathering dust rather than sell them off, at whatever price it took to do so. According to Cox Automotive, which tracks every “new” car sale in the US, there were a number of “zombie” cars sold in 2022 that defy that logic, including four Dodge Darts (last year: 2016) and some others, including a Suzuki XL7, last sold in 2009, by a brand that exited the US market over a decade ago.

Maybe the rise in interest rates had something to do with it?

Here’s the rest of the list:

194 Dodge Journeys:  This is the least surprising, as it was sold as recently as 2020. They were cheap, and for a while a hot item with Uber/Lyft drivers for that reasons.

One Dodge Viper: The last of these was built in 2017. Maybe a dealer used it as a loaner? Parts gofer? Let his teenage son use it with dealer tags? Who knows…

Two Chrysler 200s:  Last sold in 2017. Unoffensive but uninspiring. Two buyers get to relive the wonderful teens.

Two VW CCs:  It aped the four door coupe look started by the Mercedes CLS but it bombed. Last sold in 2017. The anti-CUV.

One Suzuki XL7:  This one must have fallen through he cracks, presumably at a Suzuki dealership that also sold other brands. It’s practically a CC now, given that it’s at least 13 years old. Would you buy a “new” car that old?