Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 2020 Honda E – The Cute Little EV We Won’t Be Getting Here

Nathan Williams found and shot a car we won’t be seeing here: the all-new Honda E. It’s a compact EV, styled with more than a tip of the hat to the classic Honda Civic. Very clean, and very cute.

Why isn’t it coming here?

It’s designed for the urban centers of Europe and Japan, whose inhabitants are not so range-greedy as most Americans. The rather modest sized 33.5 KWH battery delivers some 137 miles of range on the European test cycle, which is more generous than the EPA’s. That probably amounts to some 110-120 miles here, or about the same as the Mini Cooper SE, which Jim Klein just reviewed here recently. That amount of range would be perfectly suitable for a lot of folks, since the great majority of commutes are significantly less than that. But perception is reality, and Americans perceive that as just too little range. 230-250 seems to be the new minimum hereabouts.

In case you were wondering about the lack of outside rear view mirrors:

They’re cameras, each with its own screen on the far ends of thew twin-screen…um…rolling home video center. Get used to it…

No, those cameras aren’t yet legal in the US, but quite likely soon.

So here’s another car to add to your car-spotting list whenever you do get back to Europe.