Curbside Sidegate: The Solution To High Pickup Beds

Ever tried to load or unload a big tool box, a full cooler, a generator, pavers or other heavy cargo in the front of a modern pickup bed? Extract that folding chair or cooking kit buried somewhere near the front under a sea of camping gear? Or just grab some beers out of the cooler?

I’ve decided to stop my bitching about the overly tall pickup beds and sidewalls and do something about it:  The Curbside Sidegate™,   as rendered here by Dan Moran. A 32″ wide one for 8′ beds and a 20″ width for 6.5′ beds. New pickups bristle with every possible comfort and convenience option, but none have ever offered a sidegate. Which manufacturer will take me up first?

Well, there was one in the past, the Corvair Rampside. But that was a bit different, due to the unusually low center section of the rear engine Corvair, which facilitated an actual loading ramp.

Of course European “pickups” like the venerable VW have had folding sides all-round for ages, and still do. That applies to many other light trucks and utes in other parts of the world. But these are designed primarily for genuine hauling, with either an enclosed bed or flatbed. American pickups are a breed of their own.

On my ’66 F100, the top of the bed side wall is 44″ from the ground. I can easily reach in or even hop over the side. On a current F150, the top of the bed wall is 56″. That makes all the difference in the world, especially for someone shorter.

The issue becomes even more acute on the Super Duty trucks. A stock F350’s bed sides top out at 59″, and the ever-growing popularity of lift kits makes it essentially impossible to access the front half of the bed without clambering up via the tailgate and steps. Or rappelling gear.

The growing popularity of pickups (they outsold passenger cars in the first quarter) desperately calls for a way to offset certain intrinsic shortcomings. The Curbside Sidegate™ is the solution to the most glaring one, especially so on the HD trucks like this F350. It opens up a world of new utilization opportunities. Carry a kennel? Now it can be loaded easily, and the dogs can enter or exit without lifting via readily available lightweight ramps. The same applies to bikes, scooters, lawnmowers, and all kinds of outdoor and recreational equipment.

Better yet, we’ll add integrated slide-out ramps in the sidegate, and turn the pickup into a genuine Rampside.

Built in steps and a grab handle on the cab C-Pillar makes climbing into the front of the bed a breeze. Here’s the 20″ sidegate on a 6.5′ bed F150.

There’s even a variation for the shortest 5.5′ beds. Perfect for loading tools, or the shopping at Costco.

The Curbside Sidegate™  opens up endless possibilities. Let’s hear some more of them from you.