CC News: Kalashnikov Unveils Tesla Killer – The Moskvitch Gets Juiced Up, But Elon Musk Doesn’t Need to Lose Sleep Over This

The term “Tesla killer” has been tossed about for some years now, but so far nobody’s managed to bump them off yet. But now the Russian weapons manufacturer, famous for its AK-47 assault rifle, vows it is going to take on Tesla, although the car that they’re showing here as a prototype or proof of concept makes one wonder, as it is clearly the body of an Izh 2125, based on the Moskvitch 412. I suspect it’s not exactly going to make Elon Musk lose even more sleep.

The Moskow Times and a few other sites covered this, and I was a bit suspicious that this was all a prank, even though it’s not April 1, but I traced it back to what appears to be Kalashnikov’s website.

There’s even a video there, but some of the specifications of the CV-1 seem to be a bit lost in translation. 0-60 time is given as 6 seconds, which is significantly slower than the 2.6 seconds of Tesla’s fastest version of the Model S. But they do say at some point that the Izh-bodied concept is a “test bench for the developed systems”. Good to know, although retro is in. Who knows, this might just be the next cool car to have in Silicon Valley.