CC News: Lincoln’s Replacement for the MKC To Be Called “Corsair” – And Lincoln Assiduously Avoids Mention Of The Previous Use Of That Name

One of the best things happening at poor old Ford these days is the step-by-step replacement of their exceptionally unfortunate alpha-numeric naming experiement. I still have a few functioning brain cells left (or at least hope so), but for some reason Lincoln’s approach left me repeatedly unable to make any sense of it, and I often just gave up. Which works easily enough for me, as Lincoln might as well not exist here in Eugene.

But relief is on the way, and Lincoln dealers were recently shown some future product, including a replacement for the compact CUV…..MKC (did I get that right?), to arrive as a 2021 model and to be named Corsair. Lincoln made reference to the name Corsair as a “pirate ship” and “WW II fighter”, but assiduously left out any reference to the Ford Motor Company’s previous use of that name on one of its products. You know what I’m referring to…

The Edsel Corsair, of course! It was the lower trim level of the senior Edsel line, comparable to the Pontiac Star Chief or so. Meaning, it had the big Mercury body and 124″ wheelbase unlike the junior Edsels, which shared a Ford body. Brendan Saur’s full CC on the 1958 Edsel is here.

I’m assuming it’s pretty safe to say that buyers of a 2021 Corsair will not remember its namesake from the far distant past. And even if it was used on Ford’s biggest failure ever, it’s a good name, and I’m glad to see it coming back. And you don’t have to be an aviator to drive it.