CC Newsstand: Tomy’s Tomica Diecast Cars Return To The United States

Attention diecast enthusiasts: the Tomica brand is available once again in America! The lineup started out relatively small but will grow in the future.

The catch: You have to journey to your local Walmart if you’re interested. And they’re not available online.

My local Walmart actually isn’t that bad, aside from the horribly designed parking lot, so naturally I headed right to the toy section to purchase a Mazda CX-5 Tomica. I think the 2017+ CX-5 is the best looking crossover thus far, which is why I wanted to buy one. Unfortunately they didn’t have it. I’m also not sure the Tomica lineup is worth the $4.99 per car price, especially when the much less expensive Hot Wheels lineup is right there. Then again, Tomica’s cars are a bit more detailed and have an actual suspension. And some of them have working doors, which is rare for 1/64 scale cars.

I didn’t leave empty handed though. Sitting only several inches away was this Model 3. I’d been searching for one since they came out earlier in the year. A Tomica Model 3 would probably be a bit more premium, but for .99 cents you really can’t go wrong. Anyway, I look forward to getting that CX-5 and I’ll share my impressions with all of you once I get it.