Cohort Outtake: A GM Lover Lives Here

GM lover 1

(First Posted September 5, 2013)  Prolific CC Cohort poster William Rubano found a nice cache of big Generalmobiles. That very clean ’84 Coupe deVille really shows of its boxy, straight lines to best effect, if that’s your thing. And if it’s not, there’s a couple of sixties Chevies in the driveway.

GM lover 3

The ’66 Caprice coupe has two points of interest. It doesn’t have a vinyl roof; guess it only seems like they all did. And it’s got a big block; the 396 no doubt. 1966 was the first year of the Caprice as a separate model line. And the 396/THM400 was the way to go; finally leap-frogging Chevy from the tail of the pack to the head. My December 1965 Popular Science says that the 396 Impala they compared to a 390 Galaxie and a 383 Fury beat them both hands down, with a quite brisk run to sixty in 8.9 seconds.

GM Lover 4

That undoubtedly pales in comparison to what this ’62 Impala can do. That’s a seriously tall hood scoop, but I’m noot too sure about that black plastic object sitting on top. Just a convenient place to store whatever it is?