Curbside Newsflash: GM to Revive Hummer Name for Electric Pickups and SUVs

It’s not a big surprise, really, but according to the WSJ, the Hummer name will reappear in GMC showrooms as a line of EV pickups and SUVs. And no, the Hummer HX in the picture above, which is actually a legitimate EV sold in the UK as a Hummer, having bought the rights from GM to use it as a low-speed neighborhood EV (NEV), is not going to be part of the lineup.

So the big question will be, just what will the neo Hummers look like?

I’m going to guess that they will have very distinctive styling elements to set them apart, as did the original Hummers. And that the Tesla Cybertruck will influence that look. The Cybertruck essentially is an EV Hummer, in my opinion, so it will be interesting to see what GM comes out with. Will it be a mildly worked-over Chevy/GMC pickup/SUV, as Ford’s F-150 EV will be, or something more radical?

The Hummers will be built in GM’s Hamtramck plant, where at least four new EVs will be built, as announced previously by GM. The company is investing some $3 billion into the plant to build electric trucks and vans. The strategy is to build high-end EVs, as their potential to turn a profit is considered much better than in the low end of the market, which continues to be very sluggish except for Tesla. Chevy Bolt sales are modest, and were down in 2019.