GM’s Holden Plant Has New Intended Future: To Build EVs

We’ve been indulging in a lot of mourning over the shutterring of GM’s Australian Holden plant, but it looks like it has a future: to build EVs. Billionaire Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Alliance intends to use the plant to build a new line of EVs that will use Former F1 designer Gordon Murray’s istream technology, which uses carbon fiber technology to make exceptionally light, strong and safe structures, and as such are particularly favorable to EVs. says that GFG Alliance hasn’t yet officially gone public with their intentions, but says:

“the Adelaide’s The Advertiser reported on a letter that the South Australian treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis, sent to GM Holden in support of the plan. He wrote in the letter:

We are incredibly excited and supportive of the GFG Alliance’s bid and subsequent plans to ensure the continuation of our very proud history of automotive excellence and innovation in South Australia.

We believe that the GFG Alliance’s plans would put South Australia at the forefront of the inevitable transition of the Australian market to electric vehicles and ask that all due consideration be given to their bid and the potentially significant benefits to the automotive industry and broader community in South Australia.

Sounds like quite a change from building big, heavy RWD gas-powered sedans.