Industry News: The Rivian R1S Looks Ready To Shake Up The Three Row Luxury SUV Segment

Rivian Automotive revealed the Rivian R1T on Monday with the promise that the SUV variant would be announced later in the week. Sure enough, they delivered. And it looks just as impressive as its pickup truck stablemate.

A cursory glance at the above picture shows the obvious resemblance to the R1T. The unconventional LED lighting setup is all there, as is everything else. Fortunately, Rivian decided to release pictures of an R1S in a very lovely green, a contrast to the stark silver shots of the R1T.

Now for some specs: 0-60 time of 3 seconds with the mid range 135 kWh battery pack. And the ability to tow up to about 7,700 pounds. The R1S also boasts an extra 100 pounds in payload capacity over the R1T, for a total of about 1,800 pounds. All wheel traction is made possible by four motors, one for each wheel. It has seating for seven passengers and fold flat functionality for the second and third rows. The liftgate will also have a fold out tailgate, which is a feature most commonly found in the Land Rover lineup. Rivian says the 180 kWh battery pack will allow the R1S to go over 410 miles on a single charge, which is slightly more than the pickup variant.

Make/ModelLength (inches)Width (inches)Wheelbase (inches)Height (inches)
2018 Lincoln Navigator/Navigator L210/221.983.6122.5/131.676.1/76.4
2018 Cadillac Escalade /ESV203.9/224.380.5116/13074/74.4
Rivian R1S198.479.312171.7
2018 Ford Explorer197.178.9112.670.4

In terms of dimensions, the Rivian isn’t too far off from the regular wheelbase variants of the three row body-on-frame luxury SUV’s from Lincoln and Cadillac. The 2018 Ford Explorer is there for reference because the 2020 Ford Explorer will probably occupy the same footprint as its predecessor, which means the new Lincoln Aviator will also be similarly sized.

The Rivian also boasts an interior that can likely go up against pretty much anyone in the segment. The company says the R1S will start at about $72,500 before incentives. For comparison, a 2019 Lincoln Navigator has a starting MSRP of $73,205 while the Escalade comes in at $75,195.

If the R1S actually sees the light of day, it will most definitely shake up the three row luxury SUV segment. Every automaker who currently fields a traditional ICE entry is officially put on notice. And if they haven’t already begun to develop battery electric variants of their current offerings, they’re in trouble.


Rivian launches all-electric SUV with over 410 miles of range” – electrek

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