Curbside Classics: Automotive Oddities of North Texas- Winter Edition


Today, we’ll be looking at some of the interesting cars in and around my hometown.

Wait, cool car! I have to photograph you!

My automotive writing experience thus far as made me feel a little bit like Patrick Star from Spongebob. In that, when I drive past an interesting car, I have the sudden urge to slam on the brakes, flip a u-turn, and drive straight through a Wendy’s in pursuit of it. When I finally get my picture, I find myself wondering what exactly I’m going to write about. The vehicle has either been a CC before or I don’t think it needs a whole article to itself. With that being said, I felt the urge to clear out my phone’s memory banks, and do a little variety show.

 First up is a 1996-2000 Volvo wagon. This picture was taken in the parking lot of my local Wal-Mart, and whoever it is must have just bought it judging from the temporary tag. The interior was in good shape and it’s the first time I’ve seen a Volvo in this green color.

 I only had a moment at a stoplight to take this picture of a rather nice Volvo 240. For some reason, these Swedish bricks are becoming popular with enthusiasts around my age.

This tough customer is a late-model El Camino seen outside my local auto parts store. It’s looked to have been rode hard, but I’m glad someone is willing to keep it on the road.

I found this beautiful third gen Bronco while walking back to my car from a trip to the home improvement store.

This second gen Firebird (whose hood decal is at the top of this piece) was also found in that same parking lot. Hopefully they aren’t picking up anything big…

This Mercury Cougar and I have a bit of history. It’s been parked in the same spot for six years now, and I’ve never seen it move. I drive past it on the way to the bank and have wanted to take a picture for so long, but thought I might get yelled at because it’s parked right in someone’s driveway. Just this week, I mustered up my courage, and got the picture you see above. It’s not in as good a shape as it looked from afar.

This heavily customized drag car Camaro was seen just down the road from my house. The owner got surly when I stopped to take a few pictures, asking none too nicely that I not show his licence plate when writing my article. Consider that promise kept whoever-you-were!

Lastly is a cute little MGB that I caught rolling past the grocery store just as I went in. I had to burst out and snap a photo before it got away.

Also an update from Operation ToastCat. I just sold my first round of pallets for a cool twenty bucks bringing my total ’58 Plymouth savings fund to $200. Not bad for a couple weeks saving!