Curbside Newsstand: Honda Fit, Civic Coupe, Accord Stick Shift Join Toyota Yaris, Chevy Sonic and Hyundai Accent On The Small Car Chopping Block

The culling of smaller passenger cars continues. Today Honda announced that the Fit is no longer fit for the US. And that goes for the Civic coupe and the manual transmission Accord. They join a growing list of other small passenger cars slated to be dropped in the US market. Meanwhile, the Big Three are struggling with a lack of inventory of pickups. In order to pick up the corpses.

The writing on the Fit was already on the wall when the US didn’t get the latest generation, called the Jazz (above) elsewhere. It’s strictly a hybrid too now, which is where the action is in Europe and Asia. The Fit-based HR-V will be Honda’s entry level car CUV.

The Civic Coupe, which was NA-specific anyway (IIRC), is also driving off into the sunset, leaving the hatchback. That makes the Civic and Accord Honda’s only two passenger cars, just like it always was, ever since 1976. But the Accord loses its stick shift, as less than 2% were still being made with that obsolete appliance. In fact, none have been built since last fall; there’s enough in inventory to last another decade or two.

And in case you didn’t hear, the Yaris is also joining the Fit and Chevy Sonic in subcompact heaven, and the Hyundai Accent is likewise going somewhere else too. Small cars just aren’t cutting it, although oddly the Chevy Spark still has a bit of spark left…for now.