Niedermeyer’s Lust Object Of The Day: 1961 Mercedes OH 321 Motorhome Conversion

Now this would be the rig to take to Glacier National Park, with all those panoramic windows; but maybe not the desert.  jjd241 turned me on to it, as it’s the featured vehicle of the day at bringatrailer. Does this ever bring back the memories: Innsbruck was crawling with these in the late fifties and well into the seventies. This one was converted to a motorhome by a Swiss back in in 1976, and it shows in the attention to detail.

This is a medium-sized bus, about 30 feet long, which was popular with the tour operators in Alpine regions, for obvious reasons. Well, not just there; the OH 321 was one of the most popular buses during its long reign from 1954 until about 1970 or so.

Mercedes built the central back-bone chassis, and various coach builders added their bodies. This one is by Vetter. The engine is out back, oriented longitudinally, a Mercedes OM 322, a 5.7 L (non-turbo) six with 126 hp; not bad, for the times. Who’s in a rush, when the scenery is so good?

The 70’s era conversion is a period piece in its own right,

right down to the avocado sink.

The bus is for sale, in Switzerland, and here’s the listing with scads of detailed pictures, including the magnificent VDO clock on top of the windshield. I could sure see myself behind the wheel of this…