Now That Would Make A Fine RV Conversion (Updated)

Given that a few snowflakes are falling as I write this, you  might forgive me for MMing about rolling off to a sunnier clime just now. And since I’m MMing, I might as well let my imagination run a bit wild, like being behind the wheel of this little bus converted to an RV. Looks like just about the right size; aerodynamic too. What shall we power it with? A turbo-diesel from an early Sprinter? Eighteen mpg? Maybe twenty, taking it easy? Now I just need to figure out a color scheme for that three-tone paint job.

BTW, I know nothing more about this vehicle except for the title: Sprott’s Coach. Does it say “Mexico” below the windows? Might it be Mexico City?

Update: Thanks to the CC Sleuths we know it’s a Sprotts Mexico Tours bus in LA, and the second picture (after the jump) shows it even has a restroom in the back. Makes it even more suitable for an RV. Thanks!