On The Go Outtake: 1956 Buick Special – Some Women Drivers Are More Special Than Others

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We seem to be cruising into a theme of sorts today, involving mostly Buicks along with a secondary one having to do with women. How about we combine them in a somewhat unexpected way? Of course, I didn’t know that when I gave chase to this old grizzled vet of a ’56 Special, as we crossed the Willamette River over into Springfield.

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I just assumed it would be a guy behind the Buick’s giant wheel, and one looking maybe a bit like his car, which has more of an air of authentic blue-collar grit about it than a hipster’s car likely would. And which of course was only underscored by the fact that it was heading into Springfield at quitting time. It too suffers from being stereotyped.

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But as we finally caught up with the Special at the light, it was time for stereotype-busting, once again. A smiling young woman was behind the wheel, perhaps getting a chuckle out of my expression of surprise and admiration? Cool! Wanna’ race?

CC 218 096 950

I might have gotten the hole shot, but the Special’s roaring nailhead V8 soon came blasting by…passed on the right again, by a woman no less. What’s next; a woman writing at CC?

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