One More ’53 Studie Post: Tom McCahill Tests The 125 MPH Studillac

Can’t not mention the Studillac when honoring the ’53 Starliner. Bill Frick, who had already built up a bit of a business stuffing Caddy V8s into Ford sedans (“Fordillacs”), instantly saw potential as soon as the first ’53 Studebaker coupes hit the road. The 259 cubic inch Studebaker V8 was hardly a hot number, with all of 120 (gross) hp. Transplanting a new Cadillac engine turned it into one the world’s most potent road cars in the world, with a 0 – 60 of 8.5 seconds and 125 mph top speed.

McCahill’s review is interesting also as a  period piece, with his pithy comments on styling, handling and other qualities of the Studebaker as well as other cars of the time. Uncle Tom is always worth reading: