One More From The Cohort: 1964 Chevy II Wagon – Surprisingly Rare, And It’s Never Too Late To Learn Something New

I’ve shot dozens of A-Body Valiants and Darts and all their swinging and dusty offshoots. And early-sixties Falcons are as common as back-yard chickens here. But Chevy IIs? Where did they all go? Not one single one on the streets here. OK; I did finally find a sedan, but that was in Junction City, twenty miles from Eugene, and I will do a full-blown CC on it soon. But when Hugo90 posted this 1964 Chevy II wagon at the Cohort, I just had to bite; consider it an appetizer. And when I bit into it, there was a chrome-plated surprise.

Having spent my childhood feeding my memory banks with early-mid sixties Chevy brochures, I thought I knew every permutation of the Chevy engine family. But when confirming them at oldcarbrochures, I came across this: in 1964, there was an optional 230 cubic inch Turbo-Thrift six with….155 hp. Wait a minute; I remember the 230 as having 140 hp. And it does, in the full-sized Chevys. But in the ’64 Chevy II (and Chevelle), this engine was rated at 155 hp, and even came with “chrome accents”.

OK; I can’t just let this go…google images time; which comes through once again. At stevesnovasite, here’s the picture, and a comment:

The 6 cylinder chrome treatment was a one year only (1964) 230 cid 155 hp engine used in Novas & Chevelle only. It had a chrome valve cover., chrome air cleaner cover., chrome breather., chrome oil & trans sticks., & chrome fuel & vacuum lines……..

Hmm. Now the odd thing, this would have made some sense in ’62 and ’63, as a top engine option. But by 1964, the 283 V8 was also available in 195 hp 2 barrel and 220 hp 4 barrel versions. And no chrome on them! And was this 155 hp 230 six really any different internally, or did the chrome add the additional 15 hp? And by 1965, the 230 six was back to 140 hp and no chrome accents. The mysteries of the Chevrolet Division; no wonder John Delorean had to fight so hard to get a handle on it; its management  was a thousand-headed hydra; or Powerglide.