One Of Car & Driver’s Dumber Moments: Pontiac OHC Six-Powered Jaguar XK-E

CD XK-E Pontiac 001 700click image for full size

(first posted 9/18/2013. Let’s beat up on C/D some more)    In 1967, I used to count the days until the next C/D issue came out; such brilliant stuff it was, and how it formed our youthful brains, for better or for worse. Well, much of it was good, or at least entertaining. Or at the least, a way to burn time instead of doing homework.  But every so often, they really blew it, and I knew it then, despite being thirteen years old. There was the ridiculous Opel Kadett Assasination. And then this Pontiac OHC six powered XK-E. Why bother with all of that, since the stock Sprint version they first put in was substantially slower than the the Jag DOHC six? And even when Hurst had the Pontiac completely rebuilt hot-rod fashion, it still wasn’t as fast in the 1/4 mile? All that time and money for what?

Oh well, someone must have thought it was a good idea, and it wasn’t too hard to figure out that Pontiac was the one making this happen from behind the curtains to promote their new OHC six. Well, I had a better idea back then: stick one in a Chevy II!

Anyway, if you want to read a somewhat long-winded account of what happens when someone’s silly idea gets executed, for better or for worse, here it is. But don’t blame me if your homework doesn’t get done.

CD XK-E Pontiac 002 700

CD XK-E Pontiac 003 700

CD XK-E Pontiac 004 700

CD XK-E Pontiac 005 700