Overloaded? Sure, But Not Bad By Curbside Classic Standards


It’s been a while since the last installment of our Overloaded series. I pulled up behind this sagging S-10 last June at an intersection near my home. I think this is the guy who trolls the neighborhoods in my part of town on trash day, picking out the junk he can resell. I rather like it that he does it. My old easy chair gave up the ghost earlier this year. It was too broken to donate to Goodwill with a clean conscience, but not so broken that someone more ingenious than I could jury-rig a fix. With determination, it could live to seat another man. So I set it out on trash day and it was gone within the hour.

At any rate, check out that characteristic rear-tire bulge. And there’s some obvious incline from the end of the bed. He putted away from this light verrrrry slowly.

For more serious overloading, check out this truck.