Painted Cars Of Eugene Outtake: VW Beetle Jackson Pollack Edition

CC 265 035 1200

Maybe it should be a series of its own, CCOE (Colorful Cars OF Eugene). We’ve had quite a few over the years, and this is my latest find, and addition. It’s also one of the best, in terms of time and effort that went into it. 

CC 265 036 1200

Looks like our rolling canvas is visiting from California. I’m sure it feels right at home here, as do so many other San Francisco transplants. Our rents and house prices assure a steady influx of Bay Area refugees.

CC 265 038 1200

The interior has received artistic attention too. The flower vase on the dash is now sporting a little forked branch. Even the seats have been painted; leave nothing untouched!

CC 265 033 1200

Except for the center portion of the rear window, as a concession to real world realities. Realities? What’s that?