Panther Finale: 1981 Town Coupe In Pine Opalescent – The eBay CC Effect


The CC Effect can really freak me out sometimes. No sooner had I finished the post on the Pine Opalescent Mark VI, and what else do I see on the Bay of E? An even rarer 1981 Town Car coupe–in Pine Opalescent! Wow!


It’s a good thing I already have the recently-acquired ’00 Town Car, because this car presses all my buttons–not the least the fact that it is a two-door version of my childhood neighbor Phil’s ’80 Continental.

1981 Lincoln Town Car-06

This is another little-loved Panther–the Continental coupe/Town Coupé/Town Car coupe of 1980-81. Very few were sold, and it is the rarest 1980-89 Panther Lincoln by far. In 1980, the car was offered in Continental Coupe (standard model) and Town Coupé (premium model). But in 1981, all Continentals were renamed Town Cars. Thus did the former trim level become the model name. So, the 1981 version of this car became the “Town Car coupe” or “Town Car Signature Series coupe.” Got it?


The pictures for this one are not as extensive as the ’81 Mark VI’s, but it is clear that this is also a well-maintained, much-loved car. And don’t those seats look comfy? No lateral support? Bah! This is not the car for gymkhanas! That’s why you need a two-car garage, so you can have a nice old MGB or Miata to zip around in when the mood strikes.


Please note that this car, like the Mark VI, also has the Premium Sound option with 8-track and LCD display. This was the tail-end of the 8-track’s availability on new cars, as cassette decks had been taking over since at least the mid-’70s. By 1981, I wonder how many people ordered these? Probably folks who had purchased a ton of 8-track tapes in the ’60s and ’70s!


So let’s review: Lincoln? Check. Green? Check. Broughamy? Double-check! Yes, this car is quite attractive to an old American luxury car lover like me! And although the car has since sold, I wish the best to its new owner, and have a message: Please take care of this nice old coupe. She deserves it!


Note: All pictures are from the recently ended eBay auction.