Austin 1800 Utility: Australians Just Had To Have A Landcrab Ute

Austin 1800 ute blue

There may not have been a wagon version of the ADO17, but that didn’t stop BMC’s Australian ops from building a ute. Which begs the question: is this the first FWD ute with a significant capacity (meaning other than the diminutive Mini pickup)? These Austin 1800 Utilities were only built between 1968 and 1971, and the total output was a meager 2,000. But they still have a loyal following today.

Austin 1800 ute 2image courtesy

Astounding, no less! The Landcrab’s long wheelbase and wide track did make a good basis for a pickup, and it undoubtedly was a fine riding one, with its Hydrolastic suspension.

Austin 1800 ute camper by Dodgsun

And even a Landcrab camper. What a beaut…especially in that color. Quite the contrast from the Lincolns yesterday, eh?