Parade Of Vintage Opels On Vacation

(first posted 12/18/2013)     Opel had a long tradition of publishing annual calendars from the 1940s through the 1970s. Martin van Dujin continues to scan and post his extensive collection of them at his Flickr site, and one can easily get lot in them; awesome photography and great scenery. A quick sampler is here for you perusal if you don’t have a couple of hours at your disposal.

In addition to the scenery and other distractions, Opels through the years are fun to look from an American perspective because they evoke so many of GM’s American products. Although Opel had a reasonable degree of autonomy, its clear that there were a lot of ideas flowing from Detroit. And Germans loved their Ami-esque Opels, which was once the second biggest automobile firm in all of Europe, before the VW Beetle spoiled it for them.

This late fifties Rekord was a popular export to the US, sold by Buick dealers.

There weren’t pretty girls in all the pictures, but I do like nice scenery like this shot on the Riviera, so…

One of my childhood obsessions, the Riesenrad ferris wheel in Vienna. Ah, to have driven there in that Kapitan…

This one has made the rounds on the internet. I don’t see any actual water at this pool, do you?

There’s a number of GT shots in the series, but I couldn’t resist this one.

Opel made trucks and buses too, of course. I have a thing about these old sightseeing buses with their panoramic windows and sunroofs. Memories of slowly crawling up an Alpine road in one…

Around 1966-1968, the Opel Kadett was the number two import car in the US. Hard to believe how quickly that evaporated. The Corolla stole that position in its second year, 1969. Finding a Kadett Rallye 1900 just like this one in Eugene has been one of the highlights of my CC career.

Can’t leave out the famous ice skaters shot.

What we knew as the Chevette was the Kadett City over there.

The big Opel Kapitan, Admiral and Kapitan of this era were particularly handsome, and the top versions packed a sweet 327 Chevy V8.

I’ll quit with this shot that is a sentimental favorite, because my Dad had the exact same car (Kadett A). But the setting is all wrong; he wouldn’t touch a fishing pole with a ten-foot pole.  Back to reality…