Curbie Award Nomination for Best CC Cover Shot – Pontiac Aztek and Montana

Today’s CC/apologia on the Pontiac Aztek by Will Stopford had a true gem for its top/cover shot: the Aztek with its body/platform donor, a Pontiac Montana minivan, passing right by it on the street. Exact same windshield. Front doors would undoubtedly swap. And of course under the skin, they’re largely identical, except for the Aztek’s unique rear end, shortened wheelbase and interior details.  Even the colors are similar. What timing.

So Will, did you notice?

It reminds me of this shot I took of a rabbit/Golf Mk1, for my CC on how it replaced the Beetle. I was so absorbed by the Rabbit that I didn’t initially notice red Beetle behind it. But once I did, I couldn’t believe my luck, and framed them together.