“Midnight Modern”: Palm Springs Classics Under The Full Moon

(first posted 2/19/2017)   Stephanie found this gallery of shots of Palm Springs mid-century classic houses that were all shot by moonlight. And several have some very appropriate cars parked with them too. They’re from a book “Midnight Modern” by photographer Tom Blachford.

This first one is the Ship of the Desert, by Wilson &Webster, 1936. And Dodge, by Chrysler, 1960

Palmer & Krisel, 1959


Kaufman Desert House, Richard Neutra, 1946


Architect unknown, 1967


Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate, E. Stewart Williams, 1947


Donald Wexler, 1962 & 1963. Studebaker Avanti

The Avanti is perfect there, and reminds me of this publicity shot. It’s no coincidence that the Avanti is associated with Palm Springs, as it was designed in a few weeks there, in a house that Raymond Loewy rented and sequestered his small crew of designers there in January-February 1961, until they had it in the can, in six weeks. Full story here.


Frey House; Albert Frey, 1963   My favorite


Hal Levitt, 1961. Thunderbird, 1957


Edris House, E. Stewart Williams, 1954

Midnight Modern: Palm Springs Under the Full Moon, by Tom Blachford