More Vintage Snapshots of New York In The 1970s

(first posted 1/10/2017)    A couple of months back, I shared you a gallery of 1970s vintage snapshots of New York. It was popular, so here’s some more. I picked this one as there’s a white Peugeot 404 just like the one I had, as well as a “fishbowl” GMC bus like I used to drive. And my mom had a ’73 Coronet like the taxi. Let’s see if you can find any of your old cars.

34th street between 5th and 6th, 1979

59th Street and 5th Avenue, 1977

Broadway and 12th. St., 1970

Brooklyn Bridge, 1973

East Second Street between Avenues C & D, facing North, 1980


Harlem, 1971


Manhattan Bridge tower in Brooklyn, New York City, framed through nearby buildings, June 1974


Morton St. looking east, 1973


Seventh Ave and W22th street, Jan. 1976

Times Square, 1972


Times Square, 1975


Cedar Street, NYC, 1975


Columbus Ave. and West 73rd Street, 1979


Park Avenue, 1979


Park Avenue, NYC, 1970



W23 Street, Jan 1976


WTC twin towers, NYC, 1978


Times Square, 1973-74


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