“Sleeping Cars”: The Night Time CCs of Los Angeles – As Shot By Gerd Ludwig

Gerd Ludwig 60 olds

CC reader PrincipalDan sent me a link to a collection of superb night-time shots of cars on the streets of Los Angeles. They’re by professional photographer Gerd Ludwig, who spent some seven years prowling the streets of greater Los Angeles to find where all of the cars sleep at night. And although most of them appear to be legitimate “finds”, and many have “blankets” on to keep the night-time condensation off, I do wonder about this first one, whether it wasn’t staged. Just what are the odds of finding a customized ’60 Olds with the windows open in this setting? Ok; it’s possible, and it certainly makes a fab shot either way.

Gerd Ludwig caddy

Now this looks more like a genuine find, a ’68 Cadillac in repose on Appian Way.

gerd Ludwig Forf F1

Needless to say, to get shots like of this Ford F1 requires the right equipment, lighting, and skill, none of which I have, and explains why I don’t shoot at night.

Gerd Ludwig covered

There’s a lot of covered cars in the full collection of 35 photos, exhibited at the Fahey Klein Gallery, and available for purchase as prints. Most don’t do that much for me, but this one is terrific. And yes, you know what it is.

Gerd Ludwig plymouth

These large images are from an article in Slate.com.   The full series of 35 can be seen here, but not in a very large format.