Vintage Snapshots: Buicks – In Their Best Decade

Let’s go back and rummage around in Dave Gelinas’ collection of vintage slides, most of the Kodachromes. This time we’ll go through his Buick collection, and relive a time when Buicks were very common, especially with the kind of folks who could afford Kodachrome, which wasn’t exactly cheap. But in perusing his collection, I’m always impressed just how common Buicks were in the mid-late 50s. Well, they were the number three selling brand in ’55 and ’56, and typically a close number fourth behind Plymouth before those two years.

A Buick Special was the default car to buy for something a bit nicer and more prestigious than a Chevy, Ford or Plymouth without costing much more, and then one could climb the Buick ladder all the way into Cadillac territory. Buick had been the backbone of GM ever since GM was created, and it stayed that way for a mighty long time. But the 50s were Buick’s best decade ever.


New York City


Checking out the new house under construction?



Stereotypical Buick owners

This is a serendipitous shot, as the Flxible Clipper bus was powered by a Buick straight eight engine.

1941 Cadillac, Buick and Olds four door convertibles. And we think the 1980s GM cars looked alike.


Suburbia in the early-mid 50s


1950 Jetback

This one’s for JPC: a 1950 Jetback and Studebaker Hawk

Nantucket – B. F. Coffin House


Reno, NV.

New York City


Lake Tahoe, CA.



1949 Buick woodie in front of the pioneering Burlington Zephyr at the 1949 Chicago Rail Fair