Vintage Snapshots: Me and My Car, Part 1

(first posted 2/3/2017)    I’ve discovered a collection of vintage amateur Kodachrome snapshots with a heavy emphasis on cars and their owners. And they are truly splendid. I’ll give you the link to the Flickr page at the end, if you must go and indulge. But I’ll be picking some of them to show you here from time to time if you can live with deferred gratification.

First up is this rare and splendid 1954 Hudson Hornet convertible and its proud young owner, shot in about 1956.

These folks are obviously Hudson lovers, with several other Hudsons parked in the background.

Happy vacationers (presumably) in their ’61 Cadillac convertible in Florida.


1949 Buick convertible with Dynaflow and attractive legs. Must be either Florida or California; probably the former.


A rare and expensive 1953 Cadillac Eldorado at a vintage car show at the Illinois State fairgrounds, in 1953.


Enjoying the fall colors at Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont in a 1954 Studebaker sedan.

Great shot of a ’55 Buick in undisclosed location. Anyone recognize it?


Proud owner of a new ’55 Chevy Bel Air coupe somewhere in California.


And here’s its A-Body cousin, a ’55 Pontiac hardtop coupe.


Another ’55 Pontiac, with the kid kids all set to go.


The happy couple on an outing in their ’56 Ford Sunliner. An Imperial shares the parking lot.


These guys resting on a ’56 Lincoln in Geneseo, NY appear to be on strike. Taken in about 1961.


Gassing up on the way to church? 1957 Buick.


Proud owner of a ’57 Buick Special Riviera four door hardtop wagon.


And another ’57 Buick.  Looks like California to me.

Another proud owner with their ’56 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


1957 Ford.


This one is from Canada, as that’s a 1960 Monarch Richelieu Cruiser getting filled up, and a T-Bird in the background.


On a road trip somewhere in the California desert with a 1961 Rambler Ambassador, a rare beast that has yet to make its proper appearance at CC.


A 1964 Buick Electra 225 in a mobile home park.

I should point out here that the overwhelming preponderance of more expensive cars and lots of convertibles and hardtops in these collections undoubtedly represents the fact that most owners of typical sedans didn’t exactly spend their hard-earned dollars on expensive Kodachrome shooting them. These folks are all car-proud car-lovers, and thus they shot them; numerous times, in some cases.


1950 Buick convertible at a military camp.


One photographer shooting the other photographer and the ’56 Cadillac. Big sky country.

last but not least, this one has special meaning to me, as it’s one of my favorite spots in Central Oregon. It’s the source of the Metolius River, where it suddenly gurgles out of a massive volcanic flow that buried it eons ago. And that’s Mt. Jefferson in the background. Nowadays, one has to park a couple of hundred yards away and walk to this spot, but back then, these vacationers could drive their 1948 Buick Super woody wagon right to the edge of the bank.

More next time.


Source:  Dave Gelinas’ Flickr page