Vintage Snapshots: The Cars of Toronto, 1960s-1970s

(first posted 1/13/2017)    Let’s move on from New York and look at some vintage street scene snapshots from Toronto, Canada. These were posted at and are credited to Ellis Wiley, via the City of Toronto Archives.

One often hears about Canadians being thriftier with their car purchases, but some of these shots tend to belie that, especially this one.  The cheap and thrift cars are outnumbered by big, expensive ones 3 to 2.

This may be more representative.

Looks like a Vauxhall Victor FB among the US brands.

Given that there’s two Chrysler E Bodies, one of them followed by what appears to be a customized ’68 Ford, I’m guessing it may not be a coincidence, but some kind of cruising activity. I suspect the R8 was not a part of that.