CC Illustrations: GM Fishbowl Buses – Part 1

This time around we are going to look at the GM (later GMC) New Look “Fishbowl” bus. I don’t know the exact year and model numbers of all of these, so think of these more as a look at liveries. There will be several more of these posts since there are a lot I have drawn up and want to draw up. The hard part is finding good references.

We will start in New York City going from the 1960s to 1990s. The New York City Transit Authority ran several models of Fishbowls. The ones that left service in the 1990s were rebuilt in the 1980s from buses from the 1970s.

Next up is Toronto. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)  hand an even longer run with the Fishbowls. They even had the smaller 35 foot model. The TTC rebuilt some of their buses in the late 1990s. The last of were retired in 2011. Not bad for a 1950s design.