Vintage Ad: 1967 Rambler American With 343 V8 – “We Don’t Build Them The Way We Used To”

1967 was a major turning point for AMC. It finally saw the light and realized it was going to be necessary to change their dowdy image, and join the kids in the sandbox who all had high performance compacts and sporty cars. The Javelin and AMX were still a year off, so the quick and expedient solution was to offer the 343 Typhoon V8 in the Rambler American.

And two years later, they stepped up their game with the over-the-top Hurst SC/Rambler:

Not that any of the hot Rambler Americans did much good, in terms of saving AMC’s bacon, which was getting fried mighty hard in 1967, with a painful $75 million loss that year. Sounds like chump change now, but that was a hard blow to AMC at the time.