CC Illustrations: Movie and TV Vehicles Take 4: Adam-12


Adam-12 was a Jack Webb produced police procedural, starring Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy and Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed, produced by Universal and aired on on NBC for seven seasons between 1968 and 1975

The first car used in the pilot episode was a real LAPD unit, a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere, borrowed from the North Hollywood Division.

When the show was picked up, a civilian 1968 Plymouth Belvedere was used.

The “war wagon” used by Sergeant William “Mac” MacDonald , played by William Boyett, was also a civilian 1968 Plymouth Belvedere. It was used by the production to tow the sedan for the driving scenes.

They used a 1969 Plymouth Belvedere, but it was practically identical to the 1968 with the most noticeable difference being the side markers. They stayed with the 1969 for two seasons.

The 1970  Mercury Montego was used by the LAPD in 1970, but was not used as a car of the main characters. The car was not successful in LAPD service for a myriad of reasons. However, the Montego was seen used by some other officers on the show.

The LAPD vehicle of choice for 1971 was the Plymouth Satellite. The producers again bought civilian cars and outfitted them.

Of course Mac’s war wagon got an update as well to the 1971.

The last cars purchased for the show were the 1972 AMC Matador. These were police package cars that piggybacked on a LAPD order.

Mac’s war wagon also got updated.
Four of the Matadors from the show wound up having a second career as real police cars for the Pasadena Police Department, who purchased them for $1500 each from a dealer to replace units damaged in accidents.