CC Roadside Refreshments: The Food Shark of Marfa

The 2010 US census recorded all of 1,981 people living in Marfa, Texas, so you’re probably not one of them. I’m not, either. But if I were, I’d eat at Food Shark, because this is the pic at the top of their website:

…and this is their ad:

Everything about this is yes. It’s clear they had a lot of fun making this ad, and that thing where cars come toward the camera and then swerve off, alternating left/right/left/right, was done deftly in a thoughtful manner that adds an almost subliminal attention-hook (d’you see it?). The tune is catchy, and exactly the right part of the song is sticky (you’re warned). And any eatery with a ’62 Valiant in their ad—another one, to go by the website pic—deserves my custom. And a ’63 Plymouth, into the bargain!

I don’t know what kind of truck the actual Food Shark is, but I bet someone here can pick it:

A Blue Bird school bus on site has been converted to a dining car by turning around every other seat and putting tables in between:

The gallery on their site contains at least as many pics of cool cars as it does of hot food. Members of the jury, now, I ask you:

Car-related decor, too…

…though none’s shown in the gallery, I kind of fervently hope they have at least one piece of (Marfa)k memorabilia:

The food looks –fantastic– Marfalous, too. Howd’ya not love a Mediterranean place with enough local pride to serve Marfalafel ? I’d happily eat any of their offerings while watching the mysterious Marfa lights (psst: they’re actually distant headlights).